Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When we're in our new apartment, I will...

1. have an office-study-guest-hopefully someday baby-room!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am for a third bedroom! A third bedroom closet! A third room to decorate! A place for my fabric (behind the kitchen table is just NOT acceptable!) Can I just have this one???

2. buy new pillows for our bed! They are a lumpy mess and we deserve better! And not from WalMart! They were our last mistake! Back to Bed, Bath and Beyond we go!

3. have a kitchen that is part of the general living area, not off in the corner where the air can't circulate. Maybe I'll be able to cook fully clothed!!!

4. make throw pillows for the couches! Yes, they came with giraffe pillows! And well, I'm not into giraffes. So they must go!

5. hang curtains! I'm not sure why I thought I couldn't here but I'm gonna next time!

6. no longer have a filing cabinet and work table in my bedroom! Refer to glorious number one again! :)

7. have TWO, yes TWO sinks in my bathroom! (not these lovely ones, but they will be just as lovely to me!) That means more counter space, more storage space, and less grumpy spouses...hopefully! :)

8. take fewer things! I'm going back to January's clean out goal and I'm going to purge for April! This week, my closet! I hang on to WAY too many clothes that aren't worn anymore! Let's face it, if I can fit into it again, I'll be so stinkin' excited that I'll get something new!

9. bake a cake for the downstairs neighbors and brown nose with my cute kids like never before! Yes, more downstairs neighbors but when we toured the apartment, they assured us that these newer buildings were better insulated and therefore hardly ever get noise complaints. Plus, since we'll be over another 3-bedroom, they assume kids are there!

10. enjoy it!!!!!!


Amy said...

Firt off, I'm so excited for you to have a 3rd bedroom. THAT will make it all worth it (and the double sinks.

Second, I like the giraffe pillows, but adding color is a must.

Thrid, curtains really warm up a home.

Fourth, anyone could a good bundt brown nosing.

Allyson said...

I'm so happy you are getting away from your crazy neighbors! The joys of apartment-living.

Emily said...

Yay new apartment! I'm so excited - and I want to hear about the new couches still! Guest bedroom, huh? Packing my bags!

Grace said...

What an awesome list! I like the brown nosing one. :)
And that's your couch??? How beautiful!!!
I'm excited for you! I wish I could come help with the purging and the moving in. I love moving in. Have fun and post pictures!! :)

Grandma Jan said...

Sounds wonderful. It will be work but well worth it. Great ideas. I think I'll go clean out my closet too.