Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Monday

I've got the feeling it's going to be another long week.

*hubby is in "nawlins" working this week...nuff said

*M has yet to wake up without her eyes swollen and covered in green gunk

*Lulu has yet to have a day where she has NOT watched Tangled twice!

*M has a renewed interest in markers-on her feet, my sheets, markers scattered all over the house...until this afternoon when all markers went to time out!

*M stayed home from school today and our babysitter canceled both of her days-scramble time!

*I still have the headache I woke up with!

The plus side of today is that I cleaned out our closet and the goodwill pile is HUGE! Next stop, front hall closet!!


Grace said...

Yay Tangled!!!
so are the minis up for grabs? ;)

Grandma Jan said...

You convinced me. I need to watch 'Tangled' so I picked up a copy at Target this morning. Guess what I'll be doing tonight at home?

Grandma Jan said...

I did see Tangled last night. It was great! I'll have to see it again.