Friday, April 1, 2011

Out like a lamb?

I am soooo glad March is done! March was hard on me!

Let's just leave it at that, not revisit goals and feel guilty, and just move on, okay?

This month, I plan to:
1. Find peace.

2. Smile more. That was a good goal. I need that one back.

3. Read my scripture every day and pray every morning and night.

4. Read at least two books.

5. Clean out, throw out, toss out, weed out the STUFF that doesn't deserve the glory that is a THREE bedroom apartment!

6. Catch up on three craft projects to decrease my guilt level: the monkey shirt, the nursing cover and Grace's bag WILL get done. I'm writing it here so it WILL happen!

7. Have faith.

8. Cry less.

9. Find peace.

10. Find peace.

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