Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My sweet old room mate posted some pictures from college on facebook.
Ia may or may not have hijacked them to share with you.
Jenny, Julie, me, Jen, Christa, and Melissa
This was my best year. This was the only year where I picked my room mates, picked the apartment (or rather got convinced into moving into a crappy h*ll hole just for the cheap rent and so I could live with my favorite people), and honestly had so much fun!!!
We made it our home-duct taped stairs, sinking floor spots, leaking sewer pipes, built-in sofas and all. These girls were my best friends. It was my first year after my parents moved back to Arkansas and they were honestly the best support I could ask for. Of course, we also drove each other quite nuts on a regular basis.

I remember one day, having an awful day at school, getting a speeding ticket, consoling myself with Carl's Jr. and going home only to trip on the stairs, bust open my knee and storm in crying and threw my meal away uneaten. My room mate Christa dug my beloved fried zucchini out of the trash, put it on a plate and came upstairs to find out what had happened. I love that girl!
us in the "passionless passion pit" right before Christmas break


Jenny said...

Ahhh...the memories! We need a reunion!

The Montaño’s said...

I don't recall that pit being "Passionless" myself... ha ha ha!! So I"m sweet and OLD... hmmm... just kidding. FUN, FUN year!

Liz said...

It held no passion for me!!! :)

mardie said...

As your mom... Thank you to these girls who loved and cared for you. What a blessing to you and your mom!