Thursday, April 28, 2011

happy birthday to our favorite minnesota grandma!

the cards are in the mail, the sewing machine is working hard, but grandma jan wasn't home. so we left her a message and made a video for her.
We are thankful and blessed to have such a loving grandma all the way in Minnesota! We can't wait for you to visit in a month!!!!


Grandma Jan said...

I did get the phone message and now this wonderful video. I can see them everyday! And yes, we will be visiting soon.
I was at dinner with Sarah and Becca and it was a fun one too.
I did talk to W on his drive home. Great to hear from you all.

Emily said...

Cute! Tommy was sitting on my lap while I was watching this and he started clapping his hands and smiling. He needs to meet his cute cousins!