Wednesday, April 27, 2011


W says I'm in trouble for not posting Easter pictures yet.
ummmm.... this is the best i've got, folks!
i told him we'd do a re-enactment, put them back in their easter dresses some other time, actually do their hair and take great pictures. he said to change the names and dates to protect the innocent.

so that is what we'll do. but i must say, the baskets were a smash hit! they loved the puzzles and the "tipsy tumbelinas" and chocolate carrots and couldn't have cared less about the cuter than cute chocolate bugs which is fine by me!


Lindsay said...

Mini-Lalaloopsies! My girls LOVE those! Looks like your girls got hooked up this year!

Grandma Jan said...

Yes, love the baskets. So adorable. You definitely have the knack for the Holman Easter tradition.