Friday, April 22, 2011

on its way to MN!

no, not us, unfortunately! W is still low man on the totem pole at work and so holidays are very hard to get time off! But we're looking forward to family visiting from MN this June!!!!!

My former coworker, Megan, just had her third baby. She requested a nursing cover. She didn't know what she was having. I bought this fabric a while ago. I loooooove the green flowers! But I figured the cover is really for Mom anyway so I figured it would work.

I threw in a matching diaper caddy as well!

This is my second nursing cover to make EVER! It is very flawed but very full of love for my friend and her little one! (aka, don't look too close!)
I added a cute ruffle at the top to incorporate the polka dots!

And Megan had a baby GIRL earlier this week, so it is hurrying its way out the door for them to enjoy!!


Emily said...

She's going to love them! The cover and diaper caddy you sent me are used multiple times a day!!!

Lindsay said...

You did an amazing job! What a beautiful gift! Lucky friend!!

Grandma Jan said...

Wish it was you coming to MN. But we will be down to see you soon. Can't wait. I'm already working on projects for the girls and me:)