Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snippets from the iPhone: c/o Grandpa

Last Saturday, I was playing on my Dad's iPhone at dinner. I found a bunch of pictures I had asked him to email me..... hmm.....

I emailed them to myself! :)
So, let's go back to Christmas, shall we?
Remember when we went to Garvan Gardens to look at the light display? We took a group picture. We don't get many pictures with all of us (minus "Grason")
Remember how we had TONS of snow right after New Years? So Dad came and rescued us in the Tahoe so we could get out of the house and be fed!
Then in February, my parents went to Florida to pass of their SCUBA dives. So we went to say goodbye to them and Dad snapped a picture!
And this was right after my last haircut and Dad was taking pictures of everyone to send to Grandma Betty on her mission. And it's not bad.
Stay tuned for Snippets from the iPhone: M's toys

1 comment:

Grace said...

M looks gorgeous in the snowy tahoe picture. wow!!
and your hair is really cute! I like it!
Grason, eh? :)