Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adventures in Budgeting...Fighting Temptation!

Tonight we almost had a breakdown. I had a massive headache, M woke up from her nap on the WRONG side of the crib and W came home tired. I begged for burritos from Chipotle, claiming I couldn't cook dinner with Megan screaming at my ankles!!! W's ingenious solution? He took M for a ride to get tortillas so we could make chicken tacos. I cooked while she calmed and enjoyed the trip to Rainbow and we had a cheap, home cooked meal! He's such a good hubby!

I found a hidden blessing this morning as well! My friend Laura, laughs at my tendency to buy one to two sizes ahead when Target and Children's Place has a good clearance. Today, as we were in sweaters on Sunday, I dug out the 24 month stuff for the fall and winter to figure out what we have and need for the fall. All we need are onesies, tights, and maybe a dress. That's it! I have stockpiled enough clearance sweaters, pants, shirts and skirts to get us through for a long time. Which means I will have to continue to fight my shopping urge but also means I will save money on clothes this fall! Hooray!


Tag and Tracy said...

Thanks, that does make me feel better. I also have a mac & safari. I wonder if the format I'm using only works with macs. Your template is very cute! I got my paper from shabby princess. I also stock up on clothes for my daughter when The Children's Place has their big clearance sales:)

Linz said...

We seriously should start a Budget support group.

Is it cold there?