Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This is Hard!

I went to Target today on our "new/old" budget. I very quickly realized how careless I've been in the past months. I used to consider it almost my right to get a soda when I'm there-like I needed caffeine to fortify myself or something. I also realized that I should limit my baby girls section walk-throughs!!! I seem to think that a sale justifies buying things. I have to admit that I have a few categories of girl clothes where if it's on sale, we don't have that size, I think it's a good deal no matter what. Today it was overall shorts. I LOVE BABIES IN OVERALLS!!!! They're too cute for words! And they had some 50% off. Then right next to it, they had this cuter than cute denim overall skirt-I wanted so badly to snatch up a 2T for this winter and next spring. It was only for 30% off so I resisted. When we went over our expenses, I knew how careless I was being, but I am going to have to practice some real restraint at my favorite store! But if you go to the Eden Prairie Mall Target, these cute jumpers are on sale and will go quick...hint, hint Grandma! :) I know, I'm shameless, I'm also mostly kidding...mostly!


Sumpy Gump said...

Congratulations and good luck on your new budgeting system! We also need to work on our budgeting skills.

We need to get together soon! You have to see our new house. said...

Grandma took the delightful hint and had a ball shopping at Target on the way to work today. G Jan is up for any challenge. Hope M likes her new clothes.

You have to love these blogs.