Monday, August 13, 2007

stormy days and a rare treat!

We had a BIG storm on Friday night! I woke up at 3am to a very noisy storm with continuous lightning and thunder. M woke up briefly but luckily still slept quite well. The wind was blowing so strongly that I got up to check the weather warnings-scared there would be a tornado. It was ONLY 70mph straight line winds! We woke up with our welcome sign in the middle of the yard, one of my potted plants in the yard with the pot around the corner in the back yard! And someone's garbage can is in our yard and still hasn't been claimed! There are trees down all over town but luckily we didn't have any damage, and we didn't have power all morning.

We actually weren't there for most of the morning. We met my friend Megan and her husband Ryan for breakfast! They were in town visiting family and we were blessed to have them take time out of their busy weekend to meet for breakfast. We took them to Jensen's Cafe in Burnsville and it was soooo yummy! I highly recommend it for those Minnesotans who usually go to Perkins! It was a nice change with fun things on the menu! There are no pictures though, due to the fact that I couldn't charge my camera battery like I wanted. But it's all for the better, no power means no hair done or makeup or shaved beards (Will's of course)!

It stormed again Saturday night but much less extreme. I could tell that M was still scared because she woke up screaming once and had trouble settling down last night when there wasn't a storm at all. Poor thing.

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Alisha Harris said...

Liz did you really post this at 5:15 AM?