Monday, August 13, 2007

What has M been up to lately?

I've been hogging the blog lately and realized there weren't many pics of my little best friend. She truly is my little best friend. She takes good care of me and is the president of my fan club (my Dad has informed me that HE is the founder of my fan club! :)) She's been doing a bit of shopping.She's been taking time out to enjoy a good book. She's a girl after my own heart!!!She's been working on her eating skills-she has the spoon down pat now! She's been pirating in the Caribbean-Bluebeard strikes again! Yes, she's sitting on the counter. I know. Bad Mom. But hey, if it helps her eat her yogurt, more power to her!


Brittanie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my book club blog! It's fun to know that people read it!
Your little girl is very cute! And, just to make you feel better, I put my girls on the counter all the time! =)
See ya!

Liz&Meg said...

Thanks! I love any good book recommendations so I'm excited to follow it.