Saturday, August 30, 2008

1 week down!

I have not had so many emotions wrapped into one week in a long time! Probably for two and a half years, really, when M was born!  Having a new baby in the house is a jumbled mix of joy, fear, anxiety, tenderness, stress, laughter, kisses, chaos, and tons of love! At the same time with all of our house guests, adjustments, two year old moments, and late nights, my sweet husband's work has been very stressful as well.  It's been a bit overwhelming!

Mom says I gave birth to a one-month old!  This week, her eyes are open more (a big accomplishment for this squinty-eyed one, believe me!), she's eating like a pro, has found a nice loud cry (it seriously got louder two days ago!) and is sleeping wonderfully!  She came home and the next two nights slept for four and five hour stretches!  Love it!  The next night she woke up after two hours and wouldn't go back to sleep for three-just to remind me she's a newborn, I guess! But then, last night she slept for six hours!  There is something to having a nice big baby who can go for those stretches. She nurses in clusters because of it.  She nurses all evening and loads up again in the morning after she's slept for so long.  She is sweet and mellow and has BLUE eyes!!!!!  Of course, they're newborn blue so they'll probably change, but they're not chocolate brown like her sister's.  I'm excited to see what they end up as.  We love her!! (more on M later...)

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