Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gymnastics Scoring is STUPID!!!

Okay, so I am loving the Olympics still!  I'm so frustrated with the gymnastics though! I love watching it but it doesn't make sense!!!!

How does a girl who was 12 years old two years ago, suddenly appear as a 16 year old to compete in China?  Poor girl, she's going to be too old to compete for the next Olympics at this rate!! 

How does a girl who fell on her landing of her vault win a medal against a girl who landed both of hers????? 

How does a girl who had an equally good or better uneven bars get a lower score????

I don't understand why the new scoring PUNISHES the gymnasts for doing NOTHING WRONG!!! It totally defeats the point of the Olympics and "friendly competition" doesn't it???? There should have been two gold medals for uneven bars last night.  There should have been SOME recourse for better vaults, regardless of their complications.  If she landed her vault, she did a better job, right?  No matter how many twists she did in the air!!!

You know a system is broken when its EXPERTS can't even explain or understand it!!! 


Claire said...

I should direct my readers to your blog!! I posted something similar, but yours is far more logical than my rantings! I was SO MAD!!

Heather said...

I almost posted something similar as well. The logic behind all of it was no more than a coin toss. I did have to wonder though, if the games weren't in China would the outcome be different? These Olympics have been awesome to watch that's for sure!

The Montaño’s said...

Liz, I agree with all your rantings... Matt and I did the same! I hope YOU are surviving! I will pray you will have your baby... soon!

The Montaño’s said...

P.S. I am now reading The goose girl, you are the 3rd person to recommend it to me!!