Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Favorite Olympic Moments-week 1

Week one of the Olympics was amazing and I can't wait for more!! Here are some of my favorites!

The Opening Ceremonies were amazing!  They were the best I've ever seen and all the commentators are right-everyone else should just stop trying!  I loved the drummers at the beginning-their synchronization and their performance was amazing.  I told W that I want an LED light suit like these guys for Halloween! :)  Just kidding! I loved the costumes, the culture, the music, watching the athletes come in, everything!  What a display!

The US Men's Gymnastics Team finals. I know the Hamm brothers are amazing but I don't think anyone else on that team got enough credit until they started to stand on their own on Monday night. I thought it was so impressive to watch them take a tough situation and rise to the occasion rather than letting it ruin things. I loved watching the high bar and seeing them nail their routines and how they KNEW it!

The Mens 4x100 relay in swimming! This was amazing to watch the team as they started to realize they could win and to watch that incredibly close race!  Their faces said it all about how excited they were. It was so fun to watch Jason Lezak surge from behind to win!  My favorite part though, was when they interviewed Lezak later and asked him how he felt winning the race to continue Michael Phelps journey toward a new record.  I'm a Michael Phelps phan as much as the next person, and think he's of course an amazing athlete but I love how Lezak basically said, Michael's great but I won this race for myself and team USA.  If there is something I haven't loved, it's the HUGE deal the media's making of Michael.  Is what he's doing amazing? Of course!  But heavens, let's give some of the other guys their credit when they finish an amazing race as well!!

The women's all-around Gymnastics! I loved the women's team as well but the excitement around the all-around was so fun to watch! It came down to all all of the last routines and while I got annoyed with the scoring (why did the Chinese seem immune to deductions when they screwed up????...hmm.....) but Nastia Liukin was perfect and Shawn Johnson is so fun to watch. I loved watching them get better and better as the night went on!!

The men's inter-medley relay! Not sure if I got that one right, but it's called something like that! :)  I love the relays. I love watching each person take their turn at the leg and whether it sets them ahead or if they have to make up time then.  

I love the women's swimming too!!!  I wish they got more attention amid the Michael Phelps-mania!  I love Natalie Coughlin and I think Dara Torres is amazing for being such a great swimmer and a mom and twenty years older than the rest of them!!!  I love what she said last night about what she's going to tell her daughter, that dreams don't have age limits!!!

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