Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The pregnant lady has too much time on her hands!

I've redesigned my blog, sewn more bags, read a book in three days and still no baby!

I just finished this book this week.  It was amazing!  It was for the S&S book club but it was just wonderful!  I loved the characters, I was amazed at their trials and the things they went through just to survive and how they grew.  I love historical fiction as well.  I'm so glad that I don't have to be a pioneer.  When I read about the main character having children, I was actually grateful for my hot summer for once this pregnancy!  

This was also an amazing book!  I really enjoyed the Kite Runner but it was very difficult to read.   There are some awful things that can happen to people in this world.  The things I have appreciated most from both of these books though, is more understanding of the Afghan world and culture and history.   Things like how at first, they were so grateful for the Taliban because it felt like anything was better than the Russians occupying Afghanistan.  This story is one of those where all these separate characters suddenly become intertwined in an amazing way and have amazing impacts on each other.  It also focused more on how life is for women which I also appreciated learning about. It was easier to read than the Kite  Runner but still very good.

I love Shannon Hale.  My favorite is still the first one I read, the Goose Girl but this is a very close second! It was wonderful!  She takes obscure fairy tales and turns them into fascinating and fresh tales.  But they're not shallow either. The characters grow and develop and become strong women. I love that!  This one had an Asian twist to it which was also fun!  


Clarinda said...

A Thousand Splendid Suns is on my list to read. Thanks for the review. I look even more forward to reading it now.

Lindsay said...

your blog looks great--as always. I remember saying to my sister that I thought I would be pregnant forever. She then told me that once the baby gets here I would be calling her up asking what I'm supposed to do with two kids. She was SO right. So my advice to you is to enjoy these last 4 days (or so) with just one kid. It changes so quickly once the new baby arrives. Good luck with the last few days of being pregnant. Can't wait to see pics of your new little one!

Halley said...

You are so cute Liz! And I ALWAYS love the way your blog looks! Kudos! Hope you're doing O.K. :)