Thursday, August 7, 2008

Book Reviews!

I've been reading a lot lately as well but haven't kept up on my reviews. First, I have to give myself Kudos for getting my cute little sister to stop re-reading Harry Potter and Twilight books for a little while by inundating her with Shannon Hale and Fablehaven this summer. Next summer we'll work on more "classic" books! :) 
The Monk Upstairs-This is a sequel to "The Monk Downstairs" and a cute book about a lady who falls in love with an ex-monk. It was a little hard to read actually because the Grandma dies in the book after a series of strokes. It was a little too soon after Grandpa had died for me, I guess.

Fabelhaven 2-Rise of the Evening Star
I'm loving this series and wishing the third one was in paperback already so I could just buy it!! I love how it's magic and it's fantasy but it isn't shallow and it's original! The ideas and characters don't make me feel like I'm reading LOTR or HP all over again.

The Host-did I write about this one? my SIL said, It's not Twilight! Well, good, in my opinion! It shouldn't be. I liked the original story but I had a hard time getting past the beginning-I needed a little more background and detail to go on so I wasn't so confused. But I liked the premise and the characters-although I didn't picture Wanda that way at the end-fragile and blond and small. So in my head she's just going to look different! :)

Breaking Dawn-Loved it! of course! Loved it! I think Renesmee is a stupid name though and I was expecting a bit more action near the end but I won't say any more for now though because so many of you are still reading it.

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