Friday, August 8, 2008

My 2.5 year old

Name: M
Age: 2.5
Favorite activities: watch princess movies, sing and dance around, play with dolls, read books, play outside, swim
Favorite foods: CEREAL, mac'n cheese noodles, tacos, sausage pizza, "juice" (Crystal Light), rice and beans (the filling from my Chipotle or Cafe Rio burritos) fresh fruit: pears, peaches, cherries, ice cream cones
Least favorite foods: vegetables, soup, spaghetti
Favorite Music: "church meesic", "pincess meesic", Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, Popcorn Popping, Do As I'm Doing, Itsy Bitsy Spider and other nursery rhyme songs
Favorite Toy: dolls, blankets/towels/fabric or anything that can be turned into a princess gown/veil/crown/cape
Favorite book: "iptures", princess books
Favorite clothing item: dresses! especially the pink flowers and the pink bubbles dresses, glass slippers (really, they're tennis shoes)
What makes you sad:time outs, when mommy is sad, when mommy says we're done watching movies for the day, when I asked her, she said, "I don't know"
When I was pregnant with M, I was due at the end of January. The months leading up to the big day were like an event ticker, first we had to move, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, then the final countdown. This one hasn't worked that way. It's just been a long summer, but I kept thinking, wow, M is going to be two and a half when this one comes. And now she is! She's such a big girl and talks so much and is usually so happy (except when she senses our stress so her moods have been a bit up and down lately! I blame W and me mostly!) She loves to have her hair down like princesses do. She loves to take "princess naps" and do anything that seems worthy of Cinderella or Belle or Sleeping Beauty doing! She still loves Noodles Mac and Cheese and requests "mac 'n cheese noodles at bye bye" sometimes. She is a perfectionist and would rather direct me to color in the lines than color messy like she can. She is still learning to share but loves having friends to play with. She loves anything I do. She is recently fascinated with wearing eye shadow when she sees me put it on the one time a week I wear makeup :) and she comes out fiddling with her ears saying she's putting on her earrings. She's a total girly girl and gets upset when her Dora and Princess nightgowns are in the wash. She thinks there's a baby sister in her tummy too but hers is the size of a walnut, not big like mommy's. She loves to point out all the "new" gear around the house as being for "baby _____" and loves to make and remake the moses basket bed for the baby. I think she'll be a wonderful big sister...and then probably want to return the baby after a few months. :)

Funny Things she Says:
Oh mine dosh!
I have a baby seester in mine tummy too!
I take a pincess nap like sleepuh booty
I need.... (EVERYthing is I need!!! We're working on asking a bit more politely!)


tati said...

She is such a cutey! I love how girly she is and how much she loves princesses! Yeah, Anna asked if the baby was going back in my tummy a couple days after we got back home because she didn't completely understand. I'm sure she will want the baby to stay :)

Linz said...

What a sweetheart. She's a beautiful girl.

Maybe "I need..." is better than "I want..."?