Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I just don't understand....

...why bread molds soooo quickly here where it's drier than a bone when mold is supposed to thrive in damp environments!

...why gas is the third highest in the nation here, only behind California and Hawaii.  And that's for the octane 85 junk which is even lesser quality than gas we paid LESS for in other places.

...why gas prices are so high in the first place.  I simply don't understand the whole let's let the oil companies make billions in profit while gas prices continue to rise and make us all broke.  I just don't.

...why all the cats in our complex have short tails!  It's like there's a cat-tail-guillotine somewhere that they've all fallen victim to.  There are cats everywhere and they ALL have stumpy short tails!

....why M has never been one to sit on my stomach, until now when it hurts and she can't!

...why we can't get good corn here in Utah either!  It's small, sticks to your teeth, and doesn't taste as good as midwest corn.  And then of course it's more expensive.  I miss Minnesota corn!!!!

...how M KNOWS when I'm tired and don't feel great and so of course she needs extra attention that day!  

...how the gymnastic scoring works.  And if it's a better system and needed to be reformed, why are there more suspicions about bias and fixing scores?

....why this baby won't come!! It needs to come!!!


Katie said...

Sorry I totally disagree with you on the corn thing. I've had Midwest corn, and I don't like it one bit! It doesn't have the right taste!!! If your buying corn at the grocery stores, you're buying it from the wrong place, a lot of that isn't Utah corn! go to the stands, the best is the ones from Clinton, UT, the only location I can think of off the top of my head is at 10600 S and 1300 E.

Marci said...

There is really good corn at the farmer's market in Murray Park. I will gets some and bring it to you if you would like. :D