Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well, the computer is alive.  Barely.  It is still crashing but I went out first thing this morning and bought CDs to back everything up and now I can at least not panic every time it dies.  But when I got home to back up, it crashed again twice and then took so long to start up that I lost it! I really don't have the mental capacity this far along pregnant to deal with my crappy computer.  It has had problems since we got it.  And it made me crazy that I stayed up until midnight last night re-installing the operating system only to sleep horribly (darn garlic pizza), wake up way too early (M didn't know I stayed up late of course!) and then have it break again!!!!!! I got it working and have now copied all my documents, pictures and almost all of my movies.  And now I can breathe.

Progress in other areas? Not so much!  I had a week of the most consistent and persistent Braxton Hicks I've ever had and had I made any progress? Of course not!  Still a whopping ONE!  I guess this one is determined to stay in as long as she can like her big sister did!  I still have two weeks left and I'm not expecting much but I'm hot. And I'm tired.  And I don't like how when you're hugely pregnant in the summer, your feet swell. They didn't swell like this last time.  My shirt doesn't cover the panel on my pants. I'm that pregnant-not even all my maternity clothes fit my belly anymore! :)  

Oh well.  I am however making progress in my projects.  I took M out to lunch to our favorite place and am trying to take her on an outing each day to have special mom time before we don't have much time period.  I quilted all of the baby's quilt.  I have to bind it now but I'm also trying to get a bunch of bags done before I don't have time for that either!  So we'll see.  I have one more bag to finish today and then I can finally send them off to Arkansas.  I have pictures. I'll post them when I can get the computer to cooperate on a more consistent basis! :)

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