Sunday, August 3, 2008

How I Nest

This is where all those pictures would come in handy!  I have decided that I'm getting my nesting instinct out by helping Grandma.  We've been sorting and organizing all of her treasures for children and grandchildren to receive as gifts.  I mentioned the sorting before, but I've decided that she's helping me nest.  Especially after a whole evening of taking pictures and documenting her crystal collection and spending four hours sorting through the most amazing collection of linen-not just tablecloths anymore but table scarves, napkins, bath towels, hand towels. I didn't even know there WERE linen bath towels!  And she had tons!!! 

The other pictures I would post are the baby's quilt, which is almost done being quilted. Yes, quilted for real! It's taken all week but I'm doing it a bit more than I did M's quilt (I just quilted diagonal lines on hers).  Then I would post pictures of my five latest bags that will soon be shipped to various family members (except I finally made one for myself!)

But for now, you'll have to use your imagination.  And someday, my laptop will return from the dead and I'll post pictures...

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